Although most households have the bundle packages that were forced upon them for their attractive price range, it is sometimes overwhelming to see your monthly bill increase after a couple of months. (From $75 to $125 on the 4th month) From all of the telecom service providers’ offer, only 2 are essential services: CELL PHONE AND INTERNET! Here are a couple of plans that that you might want to take a look at if you want to save some serious money (up to $500/year):

Cell Phone Plans:

  • CHAT.R — $35/month

UNLIMITED voice and text (CA&US), voice mail, call display, call forwarding and conference call. (ADD $10 = 1 GB)

  • Fido — $40-65/month (BYOD) ****New plans since July 2016****

UNLIMITED voice (evenings + weekends starting from 5h pm) and text (International), voice mail, call display, unlimited calls with subscribers on same account and Data ranging from 2-8GB. (See Fido website for more details)

  • TELUS — $45/month

UNLIMITED voice and text (CA only), voice mail, call display, call forwarding and conference call. (ADD $15 = 4 GB)

  • VIRGIN* — $55/month         (Silver 55)

UNLIMITED voice and text (CA&US), voice mail, call display, call forwarding and conference call. (Include 1 GB)

*Virgin mobile members get to have special discounts with different retailers. See Virgin mobile website for more detail.

Why should you choose from those 4 rather than other plans? After carefully analyzing different plans from different companies, these are the ones that offer the best value for the best price. When it comes down to deciding the right budget-based plan, here are 3 things that you should ask yourselves:

  • Is there a difference between all networks? ANSWER: Not really. It all depends where you are.
  • Do I really need Data? ANSWER: Not really, as most public and private spaces offer WIFI access. If you go over your data limit, it is just a bad management on your side…. (Sorry)
  • Which company should I choose? ANSWER: It all depends on who you trust and think is more credible.

Internet Plans:


  • 5mbps-15mbps: Starting at $29.95-$57.95  (150GB-Unlimited download)

For more information, please visit www.teksavvy.ca.


  • 5mbps-15mbps: Starting at $26.95-$59.95  (100GB-Unlimited download)

For more information, please visit www.ebox.ca.


  • 10mbps: Starting at $36.95-$49.95  (150-Unlimited download)


  • 10mbps: Starting at $9.95-$39.95  (150-Unlimited download)

For more information, please visit www.acanac.ca.

NOTE: All of these internet providers have installation, shipping and other fees related to the initial payment. Some prices are based on a 12-month contract. Please see the websites for more details.

3 reasons why you should consider these plans:

  1. Low-cost carrier offering the same quality service then the Big Corporations.
  2. They offer more for less money.
  3. Some of them have referral programs and promotions for new and existing customers.

Although most people use Bell, Videotron, Cogeco, Rogers and Telus from coast-to-coast, if you want to save big bucks and you are tired of the extra charges or the “sudden changes” on your bills, just give them a try!

By combining one of the phone plans and internet, you are customizing one of 2016’s best telecom plan that suits your needs! You can actually save up to $500/year if you choose carefully and manage well your usage around the clock! Some people feel that it is too much of a hassle….. wellllll that’s the way it is if you want to save your hard earned money. Even if you take the most expensive ones from the list above, you are still paying around $110: $10/month lower than a duo package with the Big Guys!


If you need help finding telecom services that will make you save money, but TIME is holding you back, PLEASE  BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION SESSION WITH ONE OF OUR EXECUTIVE CONSULTANTS.


About the Author Rolf Tam

Founder of TelTam.ca, my mission is to help Canadian consumers potentially save Time And Money on some of the best telecom services at the best value so that they can enjoy more financial freedom in their lives!

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