Tired of getting surprises on your internet bills? Here are things that you should know!


Are you the type of person that needs to watch movies on Netflix, upload and download on Youtube or other music streaming sites, shop online and communicate with BFFs on Facebook, all at the same time? Did you know that all these activities use less than 200GB per month?

That being said, the real question is whether unlimited internet is really necessary, especially when it costs $10 to $15 extra each month. If your monthly activities are exactly what is mentioned above, you could simply get the 300-400GB plan.

As for the internet speed, if you live alone–5mbps, for a household of two-three people–10 mbps, a household of four-five people–15-20mbps is more than enough! It costs $8 to $10 more per month as you increase the speed by 5 starting at 5mbps.

If you do the math, all this amounts to approximately $18 to $25 of potential savings per month = $216-300 per year of savings!

You might be asking yourselves which company you should choose to do business with. Well, as you know, Bell and Videotron are the only Quebec companies that occupy lines. If you are with one of them, you can either request to change your plan, change for the other company or negotiate via phone for 45 mins. However, you should know that most independent companies offer pretty much the same service (since they have licensing deals with them), but at a discount price. Here are some companies that you should consider:

Cable or DSL 5 to 15mbps with the 400GB.

Electronic Box:
Cable or DSL 5 to 15mbps with the 250-500GB

Altima Telecom:
FTTN or CABLE 5 to 15mbps (they are all 300GB)

You have the options to pay either monthly or yearly

IPTV with 100+ Chinese channels (around $150/year*)

*negotiable through Teltam.ca services

If you find yourself tight on time to research and take a decision, you can always find a telecom broker for help or contact us to be your agent


For more information about installation, activation and shipping fees, please visit their websites for more details.

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Founder of TelTam.ca, my mission is to help Canadian consumers potentially save Time And Money on some of the best telecom services at the best value so that they can enjoy more financial freedom in their lives!

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