We all know that the big telecom companies, such as Bell, Rogers, Videotron, Telus, Cogeco, and Shaw, own most Canadians’ household telecommunication services. We also know that Canada has one of the most expensive telecom services in the world. Statistic Canada recently informed us that the combined debt of Canadian households is greater than Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In 2017, it is wise to start looking for new opportunities to save money and cut costs on certain recurrent expenses. It is also important to start being open-minded! New companies are changing the game and entering the market to help consumers save more money by introducing new technologies. This means, 2017 will have a fresh beginning for many Canadian households! Here are some telecommunication companies that you should consider:

– Teksavvy
– VMedia
– Altima Telecom
– Electronic Box

All of the above companies offer home phone, internet and/or TV services using the Cable, DSL and FTTN networks at a reduced price compared to the Telecom Giants. They also offer unlimited internet data with speeds starting at 5Mbps, home phone using VOIP, which enable consumers to call across the country, continent, and internationally at a fixed cost, as well as TV service using new technology, such as IPTV, which enables consumers to watch TV and movies through internet access at a low cost.

If you wish to have someone guide you through your decision process, the best way is to find a person or company whom you trust and believe is credible. Our business, Teltam.ca, has a mission to help Canadian households save money on their telecommunication services. We would be more than happy to be by your side during your decision process, so you can narrow down on the company and services that cater your needs.

About the Author Rolf Tam

Founder of TelTam.ca, my mission is to help Canadian consumers potentially save Time And Money on some of the best telecom services at the best value so that they can enjoy more financial freedom in their lives!

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